Reason To Buy from Jootewala


Why one should buy Jootewala Handcrafted shoe

A brand Jootewala whose products are made of Pure leather with a pocket-friendly price. Jootewala brand makes 100% pure leather shoes handcrafted with perfection. Having artistic working power who loves their work and make every pair with love and affection. We provide best quality product at a pocket friendly price. Our prices are low as compared to well established brands .

We use top-grain leathers. Those tremendous leathers make our footwear long-lasting and at ease. Our Shoes are painted, stained, and burnished by hand, creating a unique shoe method now not being restrained on what we will layout…completing the footwear by hand offers us general freedom in our merchandise and makes each single pair a completely unique piece of artwork.

We also have a customization section where you can design your own Product.

We at Jootewala design our products to carry great performance on your active life. We sense the equal way about customer service. Our product will last you a lifetime. Same quality from an established brand will cost you at least 3-4 times more.

We have limited stock available now because all the shoess are handcrafted it takes time and customer are ordering like a fleet. You can also preorder your 100% pure leather shoes.

Make your Swadeshi brand grow and Country Proud.